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Recent update
Case Clicker's recent update details (July 23, 2021):
  • LIMITED EDITION Summer Commando in the Item Shop!
  • BUFFED Tier 13 Case!
  • Lowered the price of the Unobtainable Items Game Pass from 999R$ to 699R$
  • Player Profiles! Hover over a player to view their profile or click their name in the player list!
  • New players now start with 50K CASE-BUX! (was 10K)
  • The value above your head now displays your items' value and doesn't factor in your CASE-BUX amount anymore!
  • New Global CASE-BUX leaderboard!
  • Refreshed value/name tags
  • BUFFED Auto Clicker game pass! The amount it gives is now multiplied by whatever your current multiplier is (if you're manually clicking too)
  • CASE-BUX clicking multipliers now take 5s to reset after you stop clicking (was 2s)
  • Fixed a bug with Offline Earnings not working if you were gone longer than 8 hours
  • Marketplace/Trading bug fixes
How to play
Case Clicker is a game about getting rich!
  • Unbox cases for accessories to deck out your avatar!
  • Sell unneeded items to open even better cases!
  • Trade with other players to collect rare items and fill your collection list!
  • Obtain all items available from cases to receive an exclusive "OMEGA" chat tag!
  • Participate in minigames to possibly get even richer – but be careful, you can lose all of your items!
Play Case Clicker

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