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Listed below are the game mechanics for Case Clicker. This article includes all current and removed features, upgrades, currencies, and events.



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The Arena is a game that the player can fight other players in. The gears the player has in Case Clicker will transfer to the arena and can be used in there. The winner of each match will obtain a random gear, from an Epic-tier to a Mythic-tier.


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Creator codes

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Creator codes are a way to show support for the player's favorite Skilled Games YouTubers.


In Case Clicker, levels are a way of tracking how "experienced" a user is in-game. Users obtain experience points by opening cases and completing missions. When users obtain enough experience points, they level up, and are rewarded with gems in the process. There are titles that are given to users when they reach a certain level.


Missions in Case Clicker involve obtaining a quantity of a specific item (with rarities varying from Uncommon to Omega), and exchanging the item(s) with an NPC for experience points. The quantity specified varies, but is based on the player's current level.


The Rebirth feature is the only obtaining method for upgrading the amount of cases the player can open at a time. It was originally in the game but was later removed, and added back in a 2019 update. To rebirth, the player needs to click the Rebirth button and purchase the rebirth, starting at 1B Case-Bux. The price doubles as the player is able to open more cases.

Supply Drops

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Listed below are all of the upgrades in Case Clicker.

  • More Case-Bux Per Click (applies to the clicker; increases the amount of Case-Bux given per click by an increment of 10) (capped at 3 million Case-Bux per click)
  • Open Cases Faster (by increments of .1 seconds, minimum time without game pass 2.5 secs/case.)
  • Bux Multiplier cap (normally caps at 2x current Case-Bux amount) (DOES NOT APPLY TO AUTO CLICKER; this upgrade is for the manual click button located near the bottom left corner)
  • Critical Click Chance (by increments of 1% when the player upgrades) (the percent chance of the player upgrading it in is the chance of your multiplier increasing while clicking for Case-Bux)


Featured Items Shop

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The Featured Items Shop is a selection of purchasable items that change periodically. The featured items are usually Mythic or Ultimate-tier and can be purchased with Gems. The items are rotated every 24 hours at 6:00 p.m. EDT.



Case-Bux is the in-game currency that the player can use to buy cases and items from the market. There are two ways to get this: the player can click the Case-Bux button, or they can open crates and sell the items for (almost all the time) a profit.


Gems are a form of in-game currency.

They can be gained from supply drops, leveling up, and purchasing them through Robux. They can be used to purchase in-game perks, or they can be used to exchange for instant Case-Bux. If a player owns the VIP game pass, upgrades have a 10% discount.

Perk Name Cost (Gems) Effects
Supply Storm 400 Spawns 7 supply drops simultaneously
Random Item 14 Opens a random item (excludes Exclusive-tier items)
2X Case Luck 30 Doubles case luck (lasts 10 minutes)
10/0 Random Cases 90 Opens 100 random cases of a random variety


Games available to Case Clicker players include the Jackpot, Coin Flip, and Crash.

Coin Flip

Coin Flip involves placing a bet (Case-Bux) of the player's choice. Once the player places their bet, the system decides "heads" or "tails". If the player gets heads, they get double the amount. If they get tails, they lose their bet.


Crash involves placing a bet of Case-Bux and waiting afterwards. The longer the player waits, the more valuable your multiplier is. The way this works is that when the player places a bet, their winnings are decided based on the multiplier, and the system uses nm (n = your bet, m = multiplier) to decide their winnings. To gain profit out of this, the player would generally want to get a multiplier greater than 1. If they wait too long, it will crash, giving them nothing.


Jackpot involves players adding items to a pool. Based on the value of items added, the jackpot automatically decides a percentage per player. The jackpot system then decides a winner based on the percentages each participating player has. The greater the player's percentage, the more likely the player will win.

Jackpot has "Max Servers" such as 500B Max (100B value required), 1T Max (100B value required), 100T Max (10T value required), and Ultimate (no max) (50T value required). Many people believe these max servers were implemented to reduce 'sniping'.

The Jackpot has been known for its notorious 'snipers' (there have been systems implemented recently that will reduce the chance this will affect other Jackpot players), which add items at the last minute to make other players lose. When you factor in the glitches, it can be said that this is the easiest way to lose RAP.

Former features

Here is a list of all the removed game mechanics in Case Clicker. Note that this does not pertain to removed items - those can be found here.

Black Market

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The Black Market was a place where four items were sold weekly. Three of them would become Exclusive-tier items, and one would stay in circulation as a Mythic-tier item. The shop only accepted Gems for any of the items. The Black Market was later taken out of the game and was replaced with the Featured Items Shop.


Clothing was a feature that allowed the player to wear any clothing item found in the real avatar shop in-game for 5 Gems. This feature was eventually removed as well.

Pro Servers

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RAP Skin Colors

RAP Skin Colors were skins that appeared on the player's character when they met a certain RAP requirement. By having a higher RAP value, they would get a different (and presumably better) skin. This feature was completely removed on August 21, 2019 and replaced with clothing.


Inspired off of the former Roblox currency, Tickets (Tix) were the second main source of currency in Case Clicker, and the player could have only obtained them by using the Rebirth feature. Depending on how much RAP the player had, they could have gotten a certain amount of Tickets in return. Tickets could have been used to upgrade the cases they can open, making 'grinding' much less of a hassle. However, the currency was later removed.


Halloween 2018

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Egg Hunt 2019

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The Egg Hunt was an in-game event which was available only for a week, during Easter 2019. In that game, eggs would fall around the map. There were Rare, Epic, Legendary, Omega, and Mythic-tier eggs. In the Mythic eggs, the player could have obtained 4 rare Exclusive-tier items that were obtainable only by that method: Bombastic Bunny Ears, Druid of the Owl, Spring Bloom Shades, and the Spring Bunny. It is the only egg hunt event to ever take place in Case Clicker.

Halloween 2019

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